If you love to talk about big dreams and working towards your goal and not giving up…and you’re in the same place you were a year ago…

You’re doing it wrong. Always move forward. Even if you have a long list of stuff to do, you can only do it one at a time. Get better every day. What about you today is better than yesterday?

I love it when police and ambulance go past my house because the dogs down the way howl at the sirens. They sound like they’re just yelling in agreement or cheering them on. 

Why does everyone need a birthday party after the age of 21? Attention?

I don’t get it. To each his own, I suppose.

I absolutely love my job

I have full creative control and am encouraged to harness any creativity I find in myself. I have a notebook with drawings all over it that have turned into dishes and menus and campaigns and ads and whatever else it is I fill my day with. Sure, I have the boring stuff like answering emails and meeting with annoying salespeople, but I also work withing eye and ear shot of my wife and my new family. I get to set up my office wherever I can find a plug and a table.

Every morning I come to work, brew coffee, find a table to set up my station, and pull everything out of my backpack. I’m always carrying my computer and external hard drive, HEADPHONES, 5 or 6 culinary and general restaurant magazines, my “Idea Book” (composition book with every work-related idea I have), my calendar, a folder for everything I have to do in the next few months, a folder for everything I need to finish in the next week, a folder with all new menu items, and a folder full of interesting articles I’ve found and printed.

Most of the articles I find to print off make their way to the kitchen, where the servers, chefs, and anyone else walking by take a look and they either gather some new information or start a conversation, which gets everyone in the kitchen talking and coming up with new ideas. This kind of communication has created so much excitement. Every chef is excited to come to work and learn about a new menu idea we have so they can come up with a dish with a special twist.

The best part is that once 5 o’clock hits, that’s when people start coming in to eat. That’s when we open our doors and our friends hang out. We have so many people that come in more than once a week and they’ve become such close friends. Heck, a bunch of them were at my wedding.

Tomorrow I’m going to the farmer’s market downtown to look into fresh produce and other ingredients for our 100 Mile Menu, where everything on the menu will be made or produced within 50 miles of our front door.

I love my job.


For me,this is heaven. (Taken with Instagram)

moon rock?
Last night’s Wine Dinner was delicious.
Dropped my motor in this morning! Almost there…


I’m picking up an ‘81 CM200t tonight. Pictures will come.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
Jack Kerouac (via whatokay)
This is what parents get for being on Facebook lol
Time to get rid of the vacation beard and get back to work!
Just past cleveland. Air mattress in the back of the van. I’m getting some shut eye so dad can sleep after buffalo, ny.
Im Going on a trip! I’m going on a trip. My dad and I leave on a cliff diving tour of Vermont tonight after Allison’s wedding shower.

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